We were asked to design and build an innovative interactive birding reference guide based on a market-leading field guide, renowned for the quality of its rich visual identification system. The guides had to take print-medium copy and assets, re-architect, re-imagine and redisplay in a way that took advantage of the mobile platform. Our client didn't want a wrapped-PDF, they wanted instead to produce an interactive reference guide that was class-leading.


We designed and built native, CoreData-backed iPhone and iPad interactive guides which augmented the rich graphical illustrations in the original guides with interactive annotations, supplementary information and audio clips.

Key Achievements

  • Our client was able to launch and market a leading app to critical acclaim and commercial success.
  • The app won awards in its category including Best Outdoors App in the Best App Ever Awards.
  • Apple featured the app in the nature segment during the introductory video of the iPad Air Keynote.
  • Our knowledge of the graphics frameworks on iOS enabled us to implement visual effects not previously seen in an app of this type.
  • We delivered a publishing mechanism to allow several subsets of the core material to be published into different app sets and created an app blueprint for other guides across the IP.


  • Objective-C iOS


  • Design

  • Agile Project Management

  • Mobile Software Development

If you have an iPad, you should strongly consider this app, especially if you don’t have the latest print version of the Peterson field guide. And at the price, it’s a no-brainer considering all the extra features that you get.
— The Birder's Library Reviews