The client's extensive back-catalog of ePub based electronic books formed the basis of the product. These books covered a wide range of children’s reading ability and were integrated into an online store. Progress was synced across multiple devices against the client’s SOAP API.

Key Achievements

  • We built fully native solutions for iPhone and iPad that integrated a 3rd-party ePub parsing and openGL-based renderer with custom interactive elements that were based on bundled content within the books. These included videos, drawing activities, quizzes and games and were delivered via a robust locally-cached SOAP-based API.
  • Our knowledge of advanced data handing, sound and rendering techniques allowed us to deliver additional features like read-aloud playback and follow-along highlighting.
  • Our client was able to deliver their catalog of award winning Children’s books with interactive content that could be controlled via their existing publishing pipeline.
  • Working with a single vendor to deliver and support iOS (rather than individual contractors) minimised the amount of time required to learn and understand the complex server-integration points and maximised the number of features that could be developed for each feature release.


  • Objective-C iOS
  • ePub Parsing
  • CoreData 


  • Project Management

  • Mobile Software Development

  • Mobile Enterprise Integration

  • Maintenance & Support