Bemo Design Sprints

The defining traits of design sprints is that they are a time-boxed, focused, cost-saving and collaborative approach to getting your project started, unstuck and validated in the space of a couple of weeks - all with minimal capital spend. 


Taking inspiration from the tried and tested format invented by Jake Knapp at Google Ventures, we have developed a series of Sprints that focus on strategy, ideation and user testing so that our clients can confidently answer critical business questions, build new products, improve existing ones and test new ideas in a risk-free environment. 

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Co-Design Sprint

This is a high energy two week long engagement where we will work closely with you to articulate your key issue or problem to then generate, prototype and test ideas with end users. You’ll leave with a clear strategy, a translation of your solution into a tangible prototype and feedback from real users to guide your next steps.

Output: Renewed energy within the team, a working prototype and a clear strategy of where to take your idea next - all for minimal time and money spend.


User Research Sprint

We tailor our User Research Sprint to provide you with real user feedback on your product. Whether it’s 1-2-1 interviews, diary studies or focus groups, we will work with you to produce the testing plan, we’ll recruit your target market, run the study and provide you with the key insights to address. The results of a User Research Sprint form a solid base to work in conjunction with a Co-Design Sprint.

Output: Real, actionable insights about what your customer base really thinks about your product and recommendations on how to act on them.


Voice Sprint

This sprint takes you through an initial ideation phase of how you and your brand could most benefit from providing your product or services through the medium of Voice. Following this, our in-house team of Voice experts will design, prototype and test your voice product on your target market.

Output: Tailored Voice strategy, concept prototyped and tested on your chosen Voice platform; Siri, Alexa or Google Home.


If you and your team are looking to accelerate your learnings, move an idea to a working prototype and test solutions, all while saving countless hours and money, get in touch - we’d love to help.