Mobile is becoming the primary medium through which we engage with products and services. The ability to combine sensors, data, & connectivity is enabling services to become personalised and on demand as never before. Software may be eating the world; but mobile is the medium through which we experience it anew.

At bemo we see our role in mobile product development as not only an opportunity, but also a privilege and a responsibility. We are stewards of both the client experience and our clients’ business cases. This requires us to be expert across technology, product market fit and user expectations. To enable this, Research is a core aspect of the bemo Culture.

Alongside your client work, you will be encouraged to research specific aspects of emerging practice. there will be opportunities to write about this & contribute to company whitepapers and other shareable content.

The company also undertakes pure research projects; to gain better understandings of technology, user behaviours and market opportunities. We rotate our team members across client and research projects, to ensure freshness of practice and perspective.


  • 1 years team leadership

  • 4 years professional iOS experience (or equivalent transferrable Cocoa experience)

  • 7 years total software experience, with emphasis on object oriented programming

  • Broad and deep experience across the iOS core libraries.

At bemo you will be: working as part of an agile product team comprising some of the best engineers (Android & iOS), designers & product managers in the country. Within that team, you will be:

  • The go to person for solving hard iOS problems

  • Actively researching emerging best practice for all things iOS

  • Advocating techniques for debugging complex iOS issues

Reporting: you will have overlapping reports. Day to day you will be managed by a bemo PM. However you will also be part of a skills Chapter, the Head of which will be responsible for helping you develop your skillset and ensuring your job satisfaction.



You will have the following attributes & capabilities:

Passionate - about mobile products

Knowledge - broad & deep understanding of native iOS development and computer science concepts and methodologies

Leadership - ability to coach other engineers

Communication - ability to interact with clients & explain technical issues to lay audiences

Creativity - original problem solving

Opinion - you will have strong opinions, lightly held, on the best practices for architecture and platform standards on iOS



bemo will provide you with a laptop and other tools required to engineer great mobile products.



bemo pay competitive salaries.

Permanent staff who have been with us for 6 months or more, are eligible for performance related bonuses. These occur twice a year; in Summer and at Christmas. Typically these are in the range of 1 - 5% of your salary, depending upon your performance (ie. 2 - 10% per annum in total).



Holiday: you will be entitled to 30 days holiday per year.

Pension: the company pension scheme will match employee contribution up to 5% of salary.