We were invited to work with them on their leading Personal Banking app. The requirement was to re-create an app with best-in-class functionality that also had industry leading development practices employed.

The app had to integrate with banking systems and security APIs to give a robust, reliable and secure banking experience. Further requirements were to integrate analytics solutions to give full insight into the performance and reach of the solution on both platforms.

We built a fully native iOS app that integrated with the bank's JSON-based middleware and supported them in their port to Android. We implemented industry leading security features and worked alongside internal developers to deliver a best-in-class development process and environment including unprecedented test coverage levels against the bank’s continuous integration systems. 


A few key achievements include:

  • Over £1bn in transfers and payments have been securely processed through the App since launch. 
  • Bemo’s relationship with the bank has grown alongside this success; we are also now working with them on mobile products for insurance as well as Proof of Concept (POC) & Proof of Product (POP) for beacons within their retail estate. 

  • The bank recently won theDigital Experience Award for Best Team at the UK Digital Experience Awards.


  • Objective-C iOS

  • Java Android

  • Leading Security SDKs

  • Leading Analytics SDK


  • Consulting

  • Mobile Software Development

  • Mobile Enterprise Integration

5 stars - Great App

I use this app for my [bank] credit card. It does everything I need in an efficient and easy to use manner. It is actually a much better experience than [the] bank’s desktop online banking which has an odd level of security and passwords. I would recommend [the] bank to friends on the basis of this app!
— Apple Store Customer Review