BitWink supported NSScotland; Scotland's conference for Cocoa developers

BitWink partnered with NSScotland, the leading Scottish conference for Cocoa developers in October 2015 to bring you the latest in all things Swift.

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 Missed it? No problem, we've got most of the talks here on video:

Mikey Ward - Big Nerd Ranch

Mikey Ward is a senior iOS and Cocoa instructor at Big Nerd Ranch, and co-author of Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide. When not raising new generations of iOS and Mac developers around the globe, Mikey is to be found at home organizing game nights of the board and video variety.

Rachel Hyman - Top Ten Tips for Building Apps with Maps

Location positioning technology, in a broad sense, has been around for ages. The potential applications-and complexity-multiply when you factor in the power of the mobile devices we all carry around. Working with location data can be tricky, with problems like difficulty testing and simulation, battery drain, imprecise data, and inaccurate representation.

Kate Ho - Touch Interfaces

Most of my work has been in designing experiences for multitouch interfaces. In particular, interactive tables such as the Microsoft Surface and SMART Tables, plus the iPad. I'm excited about how multitouch can create more natural and intuitive ways of interacting with computers, as well as how they can help us be more awesome.

James Thomson - PCalc through the ages

James is a veteran of the Mac and iOS developer scene - he started working on his first app over twenty years ago and it's still running today. Following a brief tour of duty at Apple where he worked on the Mac OS X Finder and Dock, he has been working full time as an indie developer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Daniel Tomlinson - App Kit for iOS Developers

Daniel has been writing apps for iOS since iPhone OS, organised FruitConf and until recently also wrote for the Observer. He has also been coding in swift since he was a child.

Helen McManus - Xcode, Xcode, Xcode

An analysis of Xcode plugins

Maria Gutierrez - Managing Distributed Teams

Maria Gutierrez works at LivingSocial where she manages the Merchant Solutions engineering organisation. Her team of nearly 50 engineers builds tools and services to manage merchant on-boarding, promotions, customer engagement and payments. Maria works from home in Edinburgh (Scotland) and her team is a mixture of co-located and remote engineers distributed all over the world.

Marius Rackwitz - Challenges Building a Swift Framework

Before Realm was even initially launched, Apple announced Swift. The team quickly realized how big this is going to be. So we fully committed in building a Swift version of the binding, which meant a lot of pioneering work to do. On that way a lot of new open tools were created and existing vastly extended and improved.