Introducing Bemo's 'Be More' White Paper Series

Bemo has a few key values that we are really proud of.

One of these key values is our drive to constantly improve ourselves and our products. We do this in a number of ways - being involved in the tech community, attending events, taking courses and being actively aware of the areas where we can ‘be more’.

We also do our fair share of giving back, with the Bemo team giving talks at events like Scotsoft and participating in panels for university projects. In fact, we like to think we have valuable knowledge that could really benefit our clients and our community.


And what better way to celebrate that than by sharing it.


We have created a series of White Papers on a range of topics that we think you'll find exciting and informative. The ‘Be More’ White Paper Series focuses on the areas that can be the most difficult to implement but the most valuable to all parts of a company.


Our first part of the series focuses on being more Productive.


We touched on this idea in our recent blog post but this paper will zone in on the nitty gritty of efficient mobile development, specifically native. The White Paper offers a definition of what productivity can mean for not only a development team, but the entire company structure. It looks at how we can make native work best for our projects, taking inspiration from different development techniques to enhance platform specific projects. It offers a blueprint for development and management teams to put these ideas into practice in your workplace. 

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