Bemo's Weekend Reads

From exploring Silicon Valley to designing reality experiences, here's what we've been doing and reading this week.

  • Our passion is in experiences. With so many new ways to engage in technology, how do you get the design right for each platform? This piece tackles designing Reality Experiences. Keep an eye on our blog next week for our thoughts on on designing conversations.



  • Change Together has put together a guidebook on diversity in small to medium sized businesses based on the key successes and lessons learned over a 12-month collaborative period by their partners. Download it here and read about our very own diversity series, The Space Between.


  • Bemo has had a great week in Silicon Valley with TRC Media, visiting the biggest names in tech to find out what makes them tick. Check out our twitter to see where we've been, who we've met and what we've learned from the tech capital.


  • How can IoT and Machine Learning work together? Find out what happens when the two biggest tech trends meet in this article.




  • Our senior UX designer Alex wrote about diverse thinking in tech for the Scottish Government's blog this week. Read the full piece here.


And finally...

Ever wondered what Alexa looks like? Look no further...