Bemo @ SCALE

Bemo have been selected to participate in the first cohort of the PwC SCALE programme to come to Scotland. Focused on helping innovative businesses better engage with corporate clients to drive growth, the programme offers Bemo a fantastic opportunity to get our message in front of our target market.

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How to Map an mHealth Mobile Strategy

Electronic health records (EHR) have been transformational for medical organisations but without mobile access, are not being used to their full value.

Learn how to map a mobile strategy using 6 steps that will make sure your mHealth app utilises existing systems, meets regulations and is adapted by clients and practitioners alike.

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Your questions about chatbots, answered.

An increasing number of businesses have added chatbots to their digital strategies.

While more bot APIs and development tools are emerging, questions around best practice for conversational UI design, maintaining brand integrity and the benefits of the platform for business are on the rise. Here, we answer the most asked questions from our clients around chatbots, conversational experiences and what it means for business.

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Transform Your Business With Enterprise Apps. Here's How.

Mobile apps have changed our lives, how we communicate, navigate the world and much more. 

This mobile revolution is about to change the way that we work, with Gartner predicting that “70% of software interactions in enterprise will take place on mobile” by 2020. The combination of increased expectations from the workforce, availability of real time data analytics and improved voice UIs will drive a very different way of working.

Read more to learn about the key enablers that will drive apps for enterprise.

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