Bemo @ SCALE

Working with PwC SCALE

Bemo have been selected to participate in the first cohort of the PwC SCALE programme to come to Scotland. Focused on helping innovative businesses better engage with corporate clients to drive growth, the programme offers Bemo a fantastic opportunity to get our message in front of our target market.

Breaking the Speed Limit

In Scotland and beyond, companies are looking for ways to innovate, to keep moving forward, re-invent themselves with technology and avoid becoming this decade's Blockbuster. Some organisations that want to adapt find there is an internal speed limit on change, that is, a limit to how quickly they can implement change with their internal teams.

In that scenario, one approach is to take a look outside your organisation to help you move forward. PwC SCALE is an opportunity for those companies to meet some exciting growing businesses in Scotland that have fantastic products that could help their businesses. But what if you want to build something new? Bemo is a service business you can work with to get that done. We help you break the internal speed limit on building new software.

Mobile. Voice. Chat.

Bemo exist to design and build great software for companies. We believe in solutions that meet users where they want to engage with services. Mobile, voice and chat are the channels of today and tomorrow and these are the technologies we are experts in.

We sell to small businesses as well as household names like Tesco Bank, Skyscanner, Scholastic, PwC, BBC, Scottish Government, STV and Udacity. We build software for both end consumers and employees to use. Our clients all have one thing in common. They are tech savvy, they understand the value of technology to their business, and they believe that the software people use matters, a brilliant user experience makes a difference. These are the type of companies that value what we do.

How We Add Value

How does working with Bemo add value? Let's take STV as an example. STV's strategy was to grow digital revenues in the business by becoming mobile first. Working with Bemo let them execute on that pivot immediately while internally they were still a web delivery team. This contributed from the first year to a 23% growth in digital revenue. They broke the speed limit and got impact faster by working with Bemo.

How else do we bring value? Lets look at our track record. Software projects deservedly have a poor reputation across industry for running to plan. Many projects, both internal and external, end up cancelled or with dissatisfied stakeholders. Over 7 years, 0% of our projects have been cancelled before completion and 100% of corporate projects we've put into production have led to repeat business for us. Thats a track record we can rightly be proud of.

Our Mission

Bemo got involved with PwC SCALE because we want to find people to work with. How do we work? We have fixed prices for design and Proof of Concept work. We can offer fixed quotes for a build based on scope or you can buy a design and build team from us for a fixed duration.

At Bemo we've got a great team with a fantastic track record, but we need great businesses to work with. We are looking for CTOs, CIOs, Heads of Innovation or Digital Products with a goal to build something new, that are hitting an internal speed limit. If that's you, please Get In Touch and together we can work out how to make your idea get off to a flying start.