Near-sourced partnering to meet the on-demand needs of the STV audience.





3.5 Years+


iOS & Android



STV had existing product teams focused on web but they wanted to expand to mobile quickly to meet the changing audience profile for on-demand consumption of broadcast media.

The company had created first versions of mobile apps on iOS and Android but they wanted access to ring-fenced mobile development resources that would be able to focus on STV’s roadmap exclusively.



  • Native iOS & Android + QA

  • Standalone agile teams

  • Near-sourced (working from Edinburgh, regular visits to Glasgow office)

  • Advanced media playback integrations

  • Multi-year development partnership

  • Expanded to 3 products

  • Consultancy for mobile architecture roadmap

Working with Bemo was excellent. They really know what they are doing on mobile and they always deliver
— Alistair Brown, CTO

What we accomplished



Refactoring of existing News and on-demand Player apps on iOS to support platform best practises and to stabilise crashing issues. Wrote the native Android Player to support pre, mid and post-roll ad insertion on the client side. Created a stable and maintainable code platform for the strategically critical mobile channel.



Standalone mobile product team allocated flexibly across 3 products including iOS engineers, Android engineers and QA engineers. Size and scale of team ring-fenced and scaled up and down in-line with strategic priorities. Allowed on-going development of mobile roadmap to proceed in a challenging recruitment market for permanent staff.



Engagement across commercial sales and product teams to shape platform priorities and capabilities. Provided mobile technology architecture guidance on an on-going basis to allow the product teams to keep abreast of platform vendor developments.



Trusted and open communication style leading to 3.5 years of renewals and support culminating in transition to 100% internal development team when the business needs were met by existing resources. Re-engaged with the team in subsequent years 4, 6 and 7 leading to re-engagement of long-term partnership in year 8.